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For 48 years (1976-present), the Center for Whale Research has conducted observation-based studies of orcas in the Salish Sea.

ORCA SURVEY: CWR staff continue to collect detailed demographic data about the Southern Resident killer whale population for the Orca Survey. This dataset continues to provide unprecedented insights into killer whale biology and ecology that can inform management decisions to assist in the recovery of the population.

CWR ORCA SURVEY Lead Dave Ellifrit,

"Fin Guy," reviewing ID photographs taken during an encounter with Southern Resident orcas.

Dave at Computer.png

Aerial Observation Study: Working with a research team from the University of Exeter, CWR’s Research Director, Dr. Michael Weiss, and Dr. Darren Croft are using drones to study Southern Resident killer whale behavior from a new perspective.

Published Studies: See a comprehensive list of publications where the Center for Whale Research has had involvement.