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CWR Logo Store

You have asked us repeatedly for CWR logo'd items to purchase. We are not able to inventory items so we have chosed to go the Zazzle route. We have designed some products and made them available to purchase through this on line retailer. We are making every attempt to select items that are made in North America. They may be a little higher price than expected but please remember they are going to help suppourt our research efforts to continue to photograph and monitor the health of our Southern Resident Orcas. We will be adding (and deleting) new products all the time so check back often.

We value and appreciate your support ... as always!

CWR - Logo T Shirts (Men's and Women's)
War of the Whales

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Puget Sound Whales for Sale

Puget Sound Whales for Sale is the story of the Washington State capture era, 1964-1976, when approximately 45 Southern Resident killer whales were captured for marine parks, and 11 more killed. Discover the fates of the whales taken, and how the violent capture era came to an end.

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Wrapped Canvas Photo Prints


Wrapped Canvas

Photo by Ken Balcomb

$150.00 »

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