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RIGHT NOW is the most critical time in the history of the Southern Resident orcas. These whales are facing extinction without immediate action. They must have access to larger quantities of natural wild Chinook salmon within their home range and must give birth to more babies if they are to stand any chance of living past 2035. It may be a familiar phrase, and it surely fits here: Extinction is Forever! Without the required actions now, the orcas we know and love will disappear—FOREVER!


The Center for Whale Research is doing integral work toward the orcas’ survival. Entering our 44th year of researching the Southern Resident orca community, we have generated social and behavioral data unparalleled in animal behavior science. Our research puts us in a critical position in advising politicians about the primary needs of the 73 whales in this orca population, at the same time that we monitor their present health.  


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Speaking out

CWR kept politicians and the media focused on the No. 1 action necessary to satisfy the orcas’ food needs: Bypassing the four Lower Snake River dams in the US so that natural wild Chinook salmon can recover and provide a sustainable food supply for the Southern Resident orca community.

Research // Ongoing

Since 1976, the Center for Whale Research has conducted observation-based studies of orcas in the Salish Sea: photo-identification, births and deaths, social behaviors, and foraging patterns. This dataset continues to provide unprecedented insights into orca biology and ecology.

Broader Awareness

CWR, with support from the Ruth Foundation, launched a billboard campaign in the Seattle area about the plight of Southern Resident orcas. An estimated 22 million sets of eyes saw the rotating billboard messages during the sixteen-week campaign.

Research // New

Working with a research team from the University of Exeter, CWR’'s newest research study using drones to study the behavior of the Southern Resident orcas’ complex lives from a new perspective looking at factors influencing survival, reproduction, social structure, and the evolution of the species.

Outreach & Education

Close to 14,000 people from across North America and around the globe have visited the ORCA SURVEY Outreach & Education Centre in Friday Harbor, WA, and learned about the Southern Resident orcas and their struggles from our knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

CWR team’s last word:


“Biological extinction – lack of reproduction – is almost HERE now. If we go at this rate, we have, at most, what’s left of this reproductive generation. Ten or twelve years and then (they’ll) be biologically extinct.” Ken Balcomb is answering’s Bellamy Pailthorp’s question about the speed Washington State’s Orca Task Force is moving to improve the habitat of the SRKWs. 


Your support makes our work possible. And our work is far from over! We need your financial gifts to continue our studies, to advise governments on their critical environmental choices, to educate as many people as possible about the plight of the Southern Resident orcas, and to speak out loudly on the whales’ behalf. Your support will make a difference.

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The Center for Whale Research is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Washington State.

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