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The Center for Whale Research worked tirelessly and relentlessly advocating for immediate action by politicians to reverse the dramatic decline of Chinook salmon stocks (SRKWs prey of choice). CWR was front and center at each of the six meetings of the Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force (Ken Balcomb is a Task Force member); presented solutions to the plight of the SRKW at numerous events; and spoke out boldly in the media concerning the sick and starving animals within the Southern Resident orca community. Also, we reached out to as many people as we could with a focused educational message: through the Orca Survey Outreach & Education Center, through, and through social media channels. We asked these individuals, like you, to take personal action to push positive change on the salmon issue for the benefit of the Southern Resident orcas. See What other action can you take? and MEMBERSHIP news for some ideas about other things that you can do to help.​​

The Center for Whale Research utilizes media opportunities to speak to politicians and other decisionmakers and the general public about what needs to be done, NOW, in an attempt to save the Southern Resident killer whales. See CWR In The Media for more examples of our media outreach. 

Speaking Out: (Dec 2018 Newsletter)
Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force 


Event & Conference Presentations 


In The Media


"The activities of the past two weeks are just the whales telling the story that I could never tell ..." 

Ken Balcomb interviewed by Q13 NEWS reporter Simone Del Rosario (see her series of SRKW reports) at the Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and ​Task Force meeting on Wednesday, October 17, in Tacoma, WA.

"Focusing on other factors, while politically attractive, as they are easily within reach and implemented, are likely to be as effective as putting a Band-