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Your support makes our work possible


Your help makes our work possible!


Dear CWR Supporter,


Without additional action now to restore natural wild Chinook salmon stocks, the Southern Resident orca families that we know and love so much will disappear—FOREVER! These intelligent and social whales are FACING EXTINCTION without immediate steps to provide them with access to larger quantities of Chinook salmon in their home range.


By acquiring BIG SALMON Ranch, the Center for Whale Research and you, one of our supporters, are having a significant impact on protecting and, in turn, restoring the abundance of Chinook salmon in the Elwha River ecosystem. But more obsolete hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest, like the Lower Snake River dams, need to come down so that salmon can return to the rivers where they spawn.


Yes, we know we must sound like a broken record. But we’ll keep belting out this tune, these words, for as long as there’s hope for the plummeting Chinook salmon populations and our iconic Southern Resident orcas.


For 45 years, the Center for Whale Research has studied and monitored the Southern Resident orca population’s health, generating research data unparalleled in animal behavior science. Our broad knowledge of these orca pods has put us in a unique position to advocate the truth about their PRIMARY NEEDS to survive.


EXTINCTION IS FOREVER! The fight for the Southern Resident orcas and natural wild Chinook salmon continues.


Thank you for your unfaltering support and friendship.


With enormous gratitude,

The Center for Whale Research Team


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The Center for Whale Research is a 501C3 non profit organization registered in Washington State.

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