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Center for Whale Research Job Opportunity
Orca Survey Outreach & Education Manager

World-renowned whale research organization, the Center for Whale Research, is seeking a year-round Outreach & Education Manager to join its team and lead the day-to-day operation of its ORCA SURVEY Outreach & Education Center in beautiful and vibrant Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.


The unique work of the Outreach & Education Center is important, fun, engaging, and rewarding. You'll meet and interact with people of all ages from all over the world, teaching them about the spectacular orcas inhabiting the beautiful coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. You will have the opportunity to inspire people to be part of positive change as they learn about the Southern Resident orcas' struggles.

As a staff member of the Center for Whale Research, you would be part of a supportive and dynamic team of research scientists and education and communication experts dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident killer whale (orca) population in the Pacific Northwest.


Application deadline: March 31, 2023


Center for Whale Research Job Opportunity
Orca Survey Outreach & Education Manager

General Description

The Center for Whale Research is seeking an Education and Outreach Manager. The position will be full-time during the summer period (April – Sept, 6 months of the year) and part-time (3 days per week) for the rest of the year (Oct-March). The Education and Outreach Manager will be responsible for overseeing and managing the education and outreach activities of the Center for Whale Research in particular the outreach and education center in Friday Harbor.


The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, have a background in environmental education, be professional and highly organized. Previous experience working in a retail setting would be beneficial.


Placement title: Outreach and Education Manager

Contract type: Salaried

Number of hours per week: April - September (40 hours per week), October - March (24 hours per week)

Salary: $36,000 (based on working pattern above)

Responsible to: Lodie Gilbert, Community Relations Manager

Application deadline: March 31, 2023



CWR’s ORCA SURVEY Outreach & Education Center, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Anticipated Start Date: April


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage and oversee the Center for Whale Research’s (CWR) education center and other educational activities.

  • Manage education center staff and volunteers—including scheduling, training, and maintaining the accuracy and quality of information being disseminated to the public.

  • Development of content for the education center.

  • Work in collaboration with CWR Science Translation Coordinator (Katie Jones), and research interns.

  • Maintain operational hours for the education center based on the season and foot traffic.

  • Oversee the sale of CWR merchandise.

  • Oversee customer service tasks.

  • Take inventory and do timely ordering of merchandise when needed.

  • Maintain the cleanliness and safety of the education center.

  • Interface with the public in a friendly and enthusiastic manner conveying information about CWR (our research, etc.), Southern Resident (SRKW) and Bigg’s orcas, the Salish Sea ecosystem, and its inhabitants.

  • Use the technology and tools in the education center to help engage the public on a more meaningful level.

  • Stay up to date on the latest relevant orca research and communicate this to the public.

  • Help to foster a continuing relationship between CWR and the public through the use of membership recruitment.

  • Make sure all technology is up to date (software updates, etc.) and in good working order.

  • Occasionally lead educational talks/demonstrations for students or other interested parties, which includes potentially working in partnership with other organizations (e.g., Salish Sea School). This could be in person or virtually, depending on needs and location.

  • Monitor phone, messages, and emails and respond to them in a timely manner. If it is for other members of the team, pass the messages on to the appropriate parties.

  • Schedule events such as guest speakers, movie nights, and others.

  • Help support equality and diversity within the organization and be committed to helping create an inclusive culture.


Person Specification and Qualifications

Applicant Qualifications

The ideal applicant will have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in marine science, communications, business, public relations, or a related field. While this is important, it should not prevent an individual from applying if they meet the other essential skills and feel like they would be a great fit.


Skills and Understanding


  • Have a good working knowledge of the Southern Resident (SRKW) and Bigg’s orcas, and the Salish Sea ecosystem.

  • Confidence in public speaking.

  • Ability to provide excellent customer service.

  • Ability to work with people of all ages, including children.

  • Have a good understanding of the CWR.



  • Familiarity with Square.

  • Experience and understanding of using social media.


Prior Experience


The ideal candidate will have experience in one or more of the following settings:

  • Have previous experience working in an environmental education setting.

  • Prior experience working in a non-profit.

  • Experience in managing teams of people.

  • Prior retail experience.

Personal Attributes


  • Passion for marine wildlife and conservation.

  • Exceptional communication and relationship-building skills.

  • Ability to lead and motivate colleagues and volunteers.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Ability to organize and prioritize and balance multiple priorities.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Willingness to learn new systems and processes.

  • Have creativity and imagination and a commitment to promoting the work done by the Center for Whale Research.



Willing to work flexibly and travel as part of the role where necessary.


How to Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume, and the names of three professional references who can be contacted regarding your application by email to Lodie Gilbert,



We will contact you to let you know whether you have been shortlisted for an interview. We expect to conduct interviews online the week beginning April 10, 2023.


Informal Enquiries

If you have any questions about the role or interview process, please contact Lodie Gilbert at:

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