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Read about some of CWR’s ACCOMPLISHMENTS during the past three years; achievements made possible by YOUR financial support:

Your tax-deductible Donation goes directly to financially supporting our research of the iconic Southern Resident orcas and empowering educational outreach about this species, while continually defending and speaking for this gravely endangered population that cannot speak for themselves. The orcas need your help like never before. Any Donation amount large or small helps!

The Center for Whale Research is a 501C3 non profit organization registered in Washington State.

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Whether you give $5 or $100 a month, your contribution provides CWR with regular and predictable cash flow for our work so that we can plan ahead.

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$40, or $1,000, or more, every dollar assists us in our efforts. You can set up your annual membership to renew automatically on the anniversary date.

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Once you have completed your CWR Membership donation, you will be directed to a web page with your CWR Member password and details about how to log on to the CWR Member webpage. On the Member page, you can download our most recent Southern Resident and Transient ID Guides, plus the March issue of the WHALE Report.​

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This is a unique birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for someone you love. And who loves orcas!

Please note: if you have signed up for the recurring monthly donation and would like to cancel your CWR Membership (at any time) we will make that happen for you. Just send us an EMAIL with your contact info and consider it done!


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Contribute a minimum of $60 online during a twelve month period and receive these member-only privileges:
  • Matriline ID Guide and Transient ID Guide (2019 online version): A free PDF download of both orca CWR created photo-identification guides.
  • the WHALE Report Newsletter (4 times a year): population update, field reports, exclusive videos, free photo download, and more.
  • Email notifications of our most recent on the water Encounters.

If you would you like to have us send an ecard notification of your Donation, please include this option and the wording of your message when completing the specifics of your Donation.

Contribute a minimum of $40 during twelve months and enjoy CWR Membership privileges.

Sample wording a Donation in Memory

These are real words included with a Donation in memory of a person who loved the orcas. Just shy of fifty people made donations in memory or honor of this person.

“In memory of [person's name]. Gone too soon. But whose favorite cause was saving the Orcas.”

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The Center for Whale Research is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Washington State.

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