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The Center for Whale Research has been studying these amazing whales since 1976 but our work is far from over. We need your help to continue our studies, and to speak out on the Southern Resident orcas behalf.

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Become a MONTHLY CWR Membership donor and support our efforts on an ongoing basis. Your membership donation will permit us to continue our study: monitoring the health of these iconic whales ... a species of astounding grace, beauty, and intelligence.

The Southern Resident orcas need your help like never before. For the 73 whales to survive, and for their community to grow, they need us to be their voice. Our goal is to grow the Center for Whale Research membership program to be a strong collective voice for the whales. 

This essential work will help ensure that best actions are taken to help recover this beloved and iconic species.

We can't do it without you.
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CWR team’s last word:


“Biological extinction – lack of reproduction – is almost HERE now. If we go at this rate, we have, at most, what’s left of this reproductive generation. Ten or twelve years and then (they’ll) be biologically extinct.” Ken Balcomb is answering’s Bellamy Pailthorp’s question about the speed Washington State’s Orca Task Force is moving to improve the habitat of the SRKWs. 


Your support makes our work possible. And our work is far from over! We need your financial gifts to continue our studies, to advise governments on their critical environmental choices, to educate as many people as possible about the plight of the Southern Resident orcas, and to speak out loudly on the whales’ behalf. Your support will make a difference.

Are you able to make a donation to help us continue our vital work?

If your preference is to remit a donation by check, please mail it to Center for Whale Research, 355 Smugglers Cove Road, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington 98250. Whether you donate online or by mail, we will send you a tax receipt in the amount of your donation.


Thank you for your continued support and friendship.
With gratitude,
The Center for Whale Research Team

Please note: if you have signed up for the recurring monthly donation and would like to cancel your CWR Membership (at any time) we will make that happen for you. Just send us an EMAIL with your contact info and consider it done!

CWR Membership Details:

Become a CWR Member and receive member-only access to:

  • Matriline ID Guide and Transient ID Guide (2019 online version): A free PDF download of both orca CWR created photo-identification guides.

  • the WHALE Report Newsletter (4 times a year): population update, field reports, exclusive videos, free photo download, and more.

  • Email notifications of our most recent on the water Encounters.


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How it works:

Once you have completed your CWR Membership donation, you will be directed to a web page with your CWR Member password and details about how to log on to the CWR Member webpage. On the Member page, you can download our most recent Southern Resident and Transient ID Guides, plus the March issue of the WHALE Report.​

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The Center for Whale Research is a 501C3 non profit organization registered in Washington State.

Thank you for your gift to CWR

Ken Balcomb Interview
Play Video
Interview with Ken Balcomb 
Peterson/Hawley Productions

In this interview, Ken speaks about the importance of removing the Snake River Dams to provide sufficient wild Chinook salmon to feed the Southern Resident orca community.

"This is probably the most important project I have undertaken in my life. There is a lot of opposition [to the breaching of the dams], but we will  prevail."

- Ken Balcomb

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