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"A gripping, brilliantly told tale of the secret and deadly struggle between American national security and the kings of the oceans. At once thrilling and heartbreaking, this is a landmark book of deep, original reporting that could alter forever how we view our role as stewards of the seas."
- BOB WOODWARD, author of The Price of Politics

TWO MEN FACE OFF AGAINST AN ALL-POWERFUL NAVY—and the fate of the ocean’s most majestic creatures hangs in the balance. War of the Whales tells the true story of how a crusading environmental attorney, Joel Reynolds, stumbles on one of the US Navy’s best-kept secrets: a submarine surveillance system that floods entire ocean basins with high-intensity sound. After marine biologist Ken Balcomb witnesses a mysterious mass stranding of whales near his research station in the Bahamas, he must confront an oath of secrecy he swore to the Navy in his youth. When Balcomb and Reynolds team up to expose the truth behind an epidemic of mass strandings, the stage is set for a climactic showdown that pits admirals against activists, rogue submarines against weaponized dolphins, and national security against the need to safeguard the ocean environment.

Don't miss this great opportunity to read the riveting story of the fight to protect whales from Navy sonar, while supporting our onging efforts to protect the orcas of Puget Sound.

"War On Whales is the surprising and untold story of how two individuals united in a desperate fight to protect dolphins and whales from the deadly acoustic assault of navy sonar. Deeply researched, and brimming with colorful and interesting detail, Joshua Horwitz's gripping book reads like a thriller but, in the tradition of the best non-fiction writing, brings to light the secret history of military sonar and its devastating connection to traumatized whales and dolphins stranding and dying on beaches around the world. "

— TIM ZIMMERMANN, Associate Producer
and Co-Writer of Blackfish and author of
The Killer In The Pool.

Ken Balcomb at the Center for Whale Research being interviewed by author Josh Horwitz

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